About Libby

After securing a Bachelor’s degree in dance I worked as a professional dancer and in the entertainment business. I was one of those people who needed to keep an eye on my weight, so over the years, I’ve participated in literally thousands of dance, aerobics, yoga, mat, spin and reformer classes.

I always enjoyed a teacher who could pull together information from classic training, put it in simple terms and keep an element of fun and discovery in the work. So after certification and years of experience in the rehabilitation environment, I continue to infuse my pilates classes with other forms of movement.. Balance work, core fusion, dance, thai massage and yoga.

I strive to give people modifications if necessary and urge them to do the best they can today. I like to allow a little room for laughter in my classes. Today’s society is so full of pressure, over-stimulation and over scheduling, I like the pilates class to be a place to let your hair down, take some deep breaths, and truly be yourself. You’re with friends.

Additional Training

Core Fusion Master Workshop
Sacred Movement Yoga Teacher Training Intensive with Shiva Rea
Thai Yoga Massage Training
Yoga Ed. Instructor Certification
Core Fusion Workshop 2005
Sacred Movement Yoga Teacher Training Intensive 2005
Yoga Certification: Shiva Rea, 25 and 43 Hour 2005
Pilates on Tour - Austin 2008
Yoga Alliance Certification 200 hour program 2009
Passing the Torch Mentorship with Julian Littleford 2010
Courtney Miller - Athletic Reformer - Full Body Integration 2016

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