Benefits Of Pilates

Joseph H. Pilates pioneered therapeutic exercises to help ballet dancers recover from injuries and improve their performance. Because of its effectiveness, this exercise system became popular as a conditioning routine for athletes, actors, and models as well.

Now you can take advantage of the Pilates Method, too. Pilates Method combines exercises from ballet with yoga and sports therapy to flatten the abdomen and help you build a sleek, toned appearance. It teaches body awareness, good posture, and easy, graceful movement.

The Pilates Method of body conditioning has been instrumental for years in the treatment and rehabilitation of a variety of injuries (post-surgical, knee, shoulder, hip and back) because the exercises can be adapted to the client's needs and are non-impact and non-weight bearing. Pilates is for anyone who desires a firm but flexible body. It is for anyone who wants to move, work and play without pain.

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