Just like any form of learning, the basic principles are consistent; however, the teacher's style technique and passion make all the difference. Libby Bideau is that teacher. ...Hard to believe I've been doing Pilates now close to twelve (12) years,

She [Libby] exudes commitment to the practice, which every one in her class experiences. She endeavors to create not only challenging sessions, but continues "raising the bar", just when we think we know it all.

Barbara M. Lao

client since 2004

I didn't like to exercise until I attended Libby's pilates classes. In fact, now I look forward to them. And this is from a man who was allergic to gyms, yoga and aerobics. Libby is a delightful and engaging teacher. She keeps you involved and interested because she's really involved and interested in her student's progress and the work. I actually feel challenged each time but always have loads of fun. Libby has a great sense of humor and doesn't make exercising a drudge or a guilt laden chore. I soon discovered I had a core and core body strength. Who knew? I cannot recommend Libby and her knowledgeable and powerful teaching techniques enough. Plus she always has some interesting tunes going on in the background.

Bill Thomas

client since 2001

Libby is an amazing pilates instructor! She is so knowledgable about the body and has helped my back tremendously! Libby is so passionate about what she does and it is contagious! It is hard to not have fun during a session with her despite the challenging workout she offeres each and every time. Libby is a very creative instructor who incorporates variations to so many classic pilates exercises which totally keeps it fresh and new. I never know what we will be doing when I walk in and I love that! She plays light music in the background and at the end of each session gives a little foot massage.... All in all, from beginning to end, I am having fun, I am working out, I am being challenged and then I am relaxing with a foot rub.... Really, what could be better!!!!

Denise Freedman

client since 2013

I was completely intimidated by the whole idea of Pilates, especially since I have never been particularly "stretchy." But 13 years ago, a friend talked me into trying it with Libby and I've been addicted ever since.

She makes the entire workout fun and I'm never bored because it's different every time. I feel a real change in my entire body and I'm stronger in everything I do. Plus, with Libby, I get to laugh AND workout.

Cindy Levinson

client since 2002

Libby brings focus, variety, personality, and passion to both privates and group classes. I've taken Pilates for 12 years and simply put - she is the best instructor I've ever had. The work is challenging and I found very positive results. The added bonus is you'll often find a smile on your face during and after class. Just makes you feel so good all the way around, especially in the last moments of class with a thought of reflection and appreciation for doing something good for your body and mind. Thanks Libby!

Carrie Holocek

client since 2011

After working out for years with two separate personal trainers and visiting chiropractors forever I found Pilates and Libby: my back pain is gone, I am no longer sore after a work-out and I feel better than I have in years.

Lazaros Papademetropoulos

client since 2004

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